Developmental Disability – Prevention Methods Explained

Developmental disabilities are conditions that interfere with physical learning, language, and behavior areas. Although they begin during the development stage they may impact on the day to day functioning of the body and can even last a lifetime. Skills such as smiling, taking the first step and even waving are called developmental milestones. Since children develop in their own pace it is very hard to know when they will learn a new skill. People suffering from developmental disabilities have problems in life activities such as self-help learning, language and movement

These can begin in any stage of life up to the age of 22 ears. After occurring, they usually last a lifetime. What causes development disabilities is still unknown although they may result due to interaction between social, environmental and genetic factors. Since many of them are inherited they cannot be prevented. Some can be lessened or prevented through detecting the conditions early and preventing any exposure to injury. Giving your child the best start early in life may prevent conditions such as these.

Developmental disabilities can be prevented in childhood by knowing the causes and taking important measures. There is a close relationship between the causes of the condition and the prevention efforts. There are three types of prevention’s including primary, secondary and tertiary. These involve educational, medical and social measures. For instance, a program that is intended to reduce the risk of disabilities in children may combine both counseling and treatment.

Ways developmental disabilities can be prevented

Prenatal – since a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child, the first step in this is education and awareness among girls. The society should ensure that every mother has a safe motherhood including good nutrition, iron, and folic acid supplements. Prenatal screening of common ailments will go a long way in preventing developmental disabilities.

Environmental Рit is known that the secret of national health lies in people’s homes. The primary prevention path operates on a community basis. The availability of resources is related to how they are distributed in the community. The deprived group within the community has limited access to these things. The reason is that the services have been poorly located. If this occurs, there will be a higher prevalence of the condition within the community.

Genetic disorders – according to research there are over 750 genetic causes of developmental disabilities. This can be a single gene or multiple genes. The first step towards prevention is making the correct diagnosis. This is the most important step since all other steps follow it. It is also important to do prenatal diagnosis in future pregnancies

Immunization – ideally, immunization has eliminated many causes of developmental disabilities. In the past, these epidemics occurred frequently leaving many babies disabled. The occurrence of these epidemics has been reduced trough immunization.

Injury prevention – this is among the best ways of preventing developmental disability. This is done by using helmets when on a bike and wearing seat-belts inside a car. It also involves preventing falls, preventing a baby from shaking and prevention of near drowning.

Remember, some conditions can be prevented while others cannot. By applying certain strategies, a large number of disabilities can be prevented. Since primary prevention targets the whole population it is the most effective. If it is successful the disability addressed will not occur again.