about us

Hi this Diana and Kathy. We are a pair of twins from China. Fortunately, we can come to the United States together to start our study tour program.

We like traveling, studying, reading, game development and programming. If you want to know us or learn more stories through us, follow us on our blog and our FaceBook and Twitter page.


This is a blog made by us. We will share our travel diary here, as well as some interesting scenery and information in the tourist journey. As a student engaged in the game development and programming disciplines, we also share our favorite games here. Of course, we also share some game-related knowledge from a player’s point of view.

For our content, we own the copyright of all content, we also hate plagiarism and theft on the Internet. If you wish to share or reprint our contents on your website or on other websites, we welcome and are very happy that you will do so. But please keep our website address(http://dianaandkathy.com). This is our only requirement.