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August in English. Minerva wonders if Doriate was defeated and then mocks Erza for her attire. While Rogue's present self helps fight the dragons, Future Rogue's battle with Natsu Dragneel ends with Eclipse being destroyed, returning Rogue and the dragons to their original time periods, but not before Rogue helps Natsu avert his own future by warning him of Frosch's fate. Gray and Natsu attempts to melt the ice but are unable to with their Magic. The group then discusses all the possibilities of Makarov's whereabouts; just as Mest is about to mention the worst case scenario, Erza stops him. She tells a worried Lucy that she will be fine and they should focus on stopping the Face, as the seal has been broken.
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He quickly defeats Elfman and Gray. She then asks about the woman's sword, Archenemy , to which Millianna explains that Kagura will never unsheathe it until she faces the man who destroyed her life: She is later seen gazing over Crocus from a high position, thinking about her recent conversation, when Gray joins her. Erza begins to try and find out about Mystogan ; however, she realizes Makarov knows nothing about him. Opening her eyes, Erza sees that Simon is in front of her and that he used his body as a shield to protect her. The meeting is interrupted, however, when it is announced that the preliminary for the Grand Magic Games is about to begin. Afterwards, they wonder about Natsu and Gray's job, as they have been away for 3 days.
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He also settled on her family's backstory "a very long time" before including it in the story, saying that "the chance to tell it just never seemed right", and that he was happy when the opportunity arose. When Mirajane first joined the guild, Erza tried to welcome the girl and commented that she had heard about her strength. Erza moved her lips to kiss the top of Lucy's breast, hands moving to pay her generous mounds attention. They corner the bandits and Erza asks them to surrender, but the Vanish Brothers appear, having been hired by the bandits as bodyguards. She tells him she cannot imagine a world without her friends and if she dies saving everybody, then she has no regrets; she then offers her body to the R-System so that she can control it. He and Erza then start their showdown, consisting of 3 matches, the first one being horseback archery which Erza wins.
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Wendy, Carla, and Happy meet up with Lucy and Erza, soon after, and explain the situation to them. The younger wizard watched the older mage's face, mouth slightly open and her breathing coming in harsh pants and moaning every time they rubbed together in just the right way. They also encounter various antagonists from illegal "dark" guilds, and Zeref , an ancient wizard who is the series' main antagonist. Erza then tells Minerva that it's not too late to escape the darkness, but this just angers Minerva, who readies to give Erza the final blow. She decides that she needs to put all her Magic Power into one attack without using any power for defense, so she Requips to just a sarashi and a single sword. Lucy, trying to aid Erza, goes to summon a Celestial Spirit , though Marin blocks her Magic as well due to its spatial relation.
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